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Tip Sheet: Go ‘Gaga’ for Thought Leadership Strategies

Lady Gaga may wear raw meat, but she’s also an accomplished thought leader in her own right. Helene Solomon offers lessons communicators can learn from the Lady. | MORE »

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Tip Sheet: Apply the Golden Rule in Your Client Relationships

Close collaboration with your clients leads to better results, but concrete steps need to be taken to achieve an empathetic partnership, says PR News Advisory Board member and Solomon McCown & Co. CEO Helene Solomon. | MORE »

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10 Reasons Why Letterman Will Survive His Crisis

By now, everyone has heard about David Letterman’s late-night dalliances with female staffers on his show. His fellow funny men, from Jimmy Kimmel to Conan O’Brien, have all piped in with their comedic two cents. Helene Solomon, CEO of Solomon McCown & Company, gives a communicator’s perspective about why Letterman will survive this image crisis. | MORE »

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