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How Influencer Marketing Is Impacting Content [Infographic]

When compared with other, more intrusive (read: annoying) ways to get your brand or organization’s message out, influencer marketing provides you with allies and context in your pursuit of your audience’s attention. | MORE »

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To Hire or Not To Hire? Why PR Agency Support Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

PR agency support is vital for forward-thinking businesses, providing an external solution for just about every communications need. | MORE »

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5 Ways to Spark Your Instagram Content Plan

Appreciating the value of Instagram’s user base is easy. Creating an account that is authentic, relevant and engaging—that’s a little harder. | MORE »

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How St. Baldrick’s Agency Secured ‘TODAY’ Coverage on a Tiny Budget

St. Baldrick’s PR agency, FleishmanHillard, successfully secured an innovative live segment on NBC’s “TODAY” show, earning millions of impressions and raising significant funds for childhood cancer research. | MORE »

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15 Techie Terms & Tools PR Pros Should Know

In the ever-changing world of technology and social media, terms and tools are constantly being adopted and used as if they are long-established parts of the lexicon. It can sometimes be difficult to take a step back and ask, “What does that mean?” without feeling sheepish. | MORE »

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Snapchat Edges Closer to Prime Time With Sophia Vergara Show

“Modern Family” star Sophia Vergara will be the subject of a six-episode short-form show, “Vergaraland,” which will be available exclusively on Snapchat’s Discover platform. For brand communicators wondering about Snapchat’s future, look no further. | MORE »

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4 Tips for Solving PR-Marketing Conflicts

The best brands and companies find ways to align PR and marketing, but even the most disciplined teams can sometimes find themselves engaged in bitter turf wars. Here are four tips for solving conflicts when they arise between the two functions. | MORE »

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8 Morning Habits That Lead to More Productive Days

Everyone has a different opinion of what works best to get a good start to the day. Here are 8 morning habits that, when used in the right combination, can lead to more productive days. | MORE »

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How One Working Mother Balances PR and Parenthood

For mothers who return to work after having a new baby, the question remains: how do you balance both worlds and give each the love they deserve? It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely doable. | MORE »

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How Google+ Just Became a Lot More Like Pinterest

Google+ announced a major change to its platform on Monday with the introduction of “Collections.” The new feature will provide users with a way to group bunches of posts together by topic. If you’re a Pinterest user, this idea may sound familiar. | MORE »

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