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You’ll Never Believe What Facebook Just Did to Your News Feed

In a blog post Monday, Facebook announced a strategy to weed out spammy posts with headlines that lead on and purposefully deceive users about what a full article will be about. | MORE »

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5 Ways to Stay Calm at Work

There are ways to go about making your day at the office a bit more calm. Try incorporating these tips into your daily routine and you’ll see a reduction in pressure and tension. | MORE »

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Infographic: When’s the Best Time to for PR Reps to Send Emails?

Getting your timing down can make the difference between a purchase and unsubscribe, a happy customer and a disgruntled one. | MORE »

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4 Tips for Effective Integrated Marketing Messages

Positioning and developing an effective integrated message needs to be more focused the consumer’s needs and less on the features of your product or service. | MORE »

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Lands’ End Apologizes for Sending Racy GQ Mag to Customers

Thanks to a deal struck between Lands’ End and Condé Nast, loyal Lands’ End customers were treated recently to a free copy of the July issue of GQ—an issue which features model Emily Ratajkowski on the cover wearing only a lei. | MORE »

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Walk Across the Graduation Stage and Into Your Communications Dream Job

As the fall semester approaches, college seniors are facing the realization that this is their last year as a college undergraduate. Two more semesters—a short ten months—and these students will be entering the workforce, many … | MORE »

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Ice-Water Dunkings on Facebook Raise Awareness for ALS, But Also a Chilly Backlash

In what’s known as the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” participants get doused with buckets of ice water and then nominate others to receive the icy treatment and keep the cycle going—all in an effort to raise awareness for ALS. | MORE »

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Infographic: Latest Social Media Statistics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and More

Knowing exactly how much growth is occurring in social media and, more important, what that growth means is an important part of professional communications. | MORE »

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Shareholder Lawsuit Looks to Nail Yelp for Fake Reviews

The Yelp lawsuit points to a major issue for companies that make use of online recommendations and endorsements, as consumers may start to fight back. Before you incur a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit, here are some tips for cleaning up your endorsement policy. | MORE »

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The Guardian’s PR/Climate Change Survey Raises Agency Allegiance Questions

According to the Guardian, major PR firms have agreed that they will not represent clients who deny man-made climate change or take campaigns seeking to block regulations limiting carbon pollution. But it’s not that cut and dry. | MORE »

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