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Comings and Goings: PR People Moves for the Week of November 10, 2014

Here’s a look at new assignments for some notable names in the public relations profession for the week of November 10, 2014. | MORE »

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8 Phrases and Clichés to Avoid in Your Writing

Professional writing is full of unnecessary words and phrases that do more harm than good. To help fix that, here are 8 phrases and clichés to avoid in your writing. | MORE »

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5 Tips for Communicating Your PR Measurement Story to Senior Leaders

As senior leaders seek higher levels of accountability from public relations, communicators are tasked with turning PR language into business language. To help communicate what you measure, here are five requirements for analytical storytelling to C-level executives. | MORE »

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After Virgin Galactic Crash, Richard Branson Shows How to Communicate in Crisis

In times of crisis, especially deadly ones, having a strong leader is the best—perhaps the only—remedy for emotional deflation. In Virgin Galactic’s case, Richard Branson didn’t leave his company wanting. | MORE »

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Infographic: American Spending on Halloween Candy Is Spooky

Halloween is big business. Really big business. The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans spend more than $2 billion on candy alone each year—after all, trick or treating is what the holiday is all about. | MORE »

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What Scares You Most About PR?

On Halloween, we grapple with our fears and anxieties and, for our enjoyment, transpose it by taking on and portraying what scares us ourselves. Still, there’s no enjoyment in being scared at work, especially for communications professionals who often work around delicate topics for sensitive clients. | MORE »

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What’s the First Thing You Notice When Meeting Someone New?

It’s basic human nature—ingrained in us from birth—to make decisions about strangers the moment we encounter them. It happens whether we like it or not. Knowing what people first notice about you can mean the difference between success and failure. | MORE »

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Taco Bell ‘Blacks Out’ Its Social Media Presence to Promote a New App

Whether or not you’re looking to chow down on a chalupa anytime soon, you have to admit that Taco Bell’s social media black out is creative. In a welcomed break with many brands’ social strategies, it’s also not obtrusive or annoying. | MORE »

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Facebook Wants to Host Publishers’ Content Directly on Its Mobile App

Publishers relinquishing control of their distribution method may seem unlikely now, but having a reliable high-speed Internet connection in your pocket seemed pretty unlikely just a few years ago, too. For publishers, going to where the people are has never been a bad idea—and they are undoubtedly on Facebook on their mobile devices. | MORE »

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Infographic: Have You Ever Heard of Google Helpouts?

For all its problems, the Internet is an amazing repository of information. One service that builds on the use of the Web as a place to find answers is Google Helpouts, which allows users to share expertise in real-time via live video on mobile devices or computers. | MORE »

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