And Nothing But the Best…

While EPIC Media gives men "everything" Rodale Inc. wants to give them the "best." So the publisher of Men's Health has launched the bimonthly knockoff Best Life, with the
tagline "What Matters to Men." The glossy, with an initial rate base of 200,000, has five regular sections: Time & Money; Words & Music; The Male Body; The Male Mind and
Food & Wine. The magazine, which skews older than Men's Health, targets guys with a touch of gray and good deal of green (read: disposable income). The press release
announcing the launch points to U.S. Census Bureau stats showing that the median age of U.S. males has increased to 34.3 in 1999 from 28.8 years old in 1980. By 2010, the Census
Bureau estimates that roughly half of the nation's population will be older than 40. Rodale research identified seven million men -- between the ages of 35-55 -- who read
magazines regularly earn more than $50,000 annually.