Americans Reward Corporate Citizenship

Socially responsible behavior could be your most powerful weapon in fighting against the corporate "crisis of confidence." Americans report they are 30 percent more likely than
they were in 2001 to switch from one brand to another if that brand is associated with a good cause. And they want to hear about your corporate citizenship efforts, with 86
percent agreeing that companies should communicate their support of social issues. The 2002 Cone Corporate Citizenship Study, accomplished through telephone surveys of 1,040
adults and released last week, found that 84 percent of Americans would consider making a product switch, vs. 54 percent who reported they'd be willing to change in 2001. The
study also found 91 percent of Americans would consider discontinuing their use of a company's product if they learned of black marks against that company's corporate citizenship.
Americans' high standards for corporate social responsibility remain at an unprecedented high since Sept. 11. (Cone: Anne Leslie, 617/227-2111,