Adding CSR Efforts to Wikipedia: Go the Indirect Route

It is against Wikipedia policies to add your CSR efforts (or anything else) to your company’s Wikipedia entry. Instead, what you currently have to do is rely on the Wikipedia community of editors to make the necessary edits, says Marcia W. DiStaso, PhD, assistant professor of public relations in the College of Communications at Pennsylvania State University, and Marcus Messner, PhD, assistant professor of mass communications at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

This can be accomplished by following these guidelines:

1. Never directly edit your Wikipedia entry.

2. Communicate with the Wikipedia community through the talk pages by notifying them about the content you wish to add. This content needs to be:

A. In a neutral tone.

  • B. Supported with references from reputable news organizations. Information without references will not be added and, on the same hand, existing content without references should be removed if you ask.

  • C. Flagged with {{edit request}} to aid in it being dealt with relatively quickly by the Wikipedia editors.

  • D. Made with your identity and affiliation disclosed.

3. When adding CSR content consider adding content that focuses on the output or the actual benefits of the effort. 

PR News subscribers can read more about CSR entries in Wikipedia in the article: "Increase CSR Awareness: Add Your Organization’s Successes to Wikipedia."

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