A Little More Competition For the (Limited) PR Dollar…

PR budgets are still tight. The economy is still waiting to bust out. And procurement execs are gradually becoming a normal part of the agency-client relationship. But it's OK
to swim against the current, as two new PR firms test the waters: The Witter Group, Seattle, was launched this month by Greg Witter, a longtime PR executive for Alaska Airlines
who is also a former U.S. House and Senate press secretary. He's offering a full range of services... Contact: Greg Witter, 206.720.5894; greg@thewittergroup.com...Boom Broadcast
and Media Relations, with offices in New Jersey and Colorado, also launched this month. The women-owned company offers a full suite of broadcast-PR and media-relations
services...Contact: Liz Garger, 914.693. 5591, liz@atpoint.com.