A 5-Step PR Measurement Methodology Checklist

Measurement may be PR pros' greatest challenge and the number two cause of lost sleep, after the true sleep-loss leader, existential queasiness. Most measurement experts recommend foregoing the search for a magic monitoring and analysis tool. Instead, communications pros should develop a methodology—an overall approach that can be modified over time.

Jessica Payne, director of digital strategy for Pan Communications, offers the following checklist you can use to develop your own PR measurement methodology and get the rest you need.

1. What does success look like? Outline objectives for your campaign and plant measurement signposts. This requires ongoing discussions to ensure clarity and consensus.

2. What will be measured? Define key peformance indicators (KPIs) for the program and determine what will be measured. Quantitative goals can be attached at this stage.

3. Who is in charge? Identify your data scientists and reporting structure. Your tools won't do all the work for you.

4. What are the tools needed? Line up the tools that best capture data relevant to each of the KPIs as identified in step 2. Remember: there is no catch-all measurement tool.

5. How will the data be delivered? Outline your report delivery and lay the groundwork for a measurable PR program. Overall results should map back to your predetermined KPIs.

This content was adapted from PR News' Digital PR Guidebook, Vol. 5, which is available in print and digital versions. To learn more about measurement trends, register now for the Aug. 6 CARMA/PR News webinar "Social Media Measurement at a Crossroads."

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