A 2001 New Year’s Resolution for Communicators: Go Digital or Die

E-tailers are reeling from a scrawnier than expected holiday sales season, dotcoms continue to drown in droves and online publications are ringing in the New Year with pink slips (RedHerring.com
just purged its staff a second time, having ingested more talent than it could handle). But this ain't necessarily a signal for hopeful PR technophobes that Internet hype is on the out. On the contrary,
mastery of the medium is still critical to survival - particularly in a Darwinian communications environment in which traditional descriptors such as "PR, advertising and marketing" no longer accurately
compartmentalize "that thing we do." PR NEWS caught up with Don Middleberg, a consummate member of the digerati, to discuss his new book, Winning PR in the Wired World (McGraw-Hill).