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  • Sony Struggles to Respond to a Fast-Changing PR Nightmare

    The Sony Pictures hacking scandal is getting ugly. The computer breach has turned into a PR nightmare for the Hollywood studio, with the company’s reputation now hanging in the balance. | MORE »

  • Infographic: 15 Digital Trends to Watch in 2015

    Whether you're a technophile unable to contain your excitement about the latest release of your favorite product or a Luddite lamenting the days of pen, pad and typewriter, it's a certainty that the brands that stay abreast of the latest digital trends will have the best footing in 2015. | MORE »

  • 6 Ways PR and Content Marketing Should Collaborate

    For a cohesive and integrated program, it’s necessary for both PR and content marketing to collaborate in order to create a comprehensive marketing plan that will improve an organization’s market awareness and increase lead generation and nurturing capabilities. | MORE »


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PR Insider: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

If you see something savvy, appreciate it. If you see an award-winning campaign, research why and work to emulate that for one of your clients.  | MORE »

Avoiding the PR Trap

Doug Spong talks about what it takes to become a PR leader and the key lessons he imparts on his PR team.
 | MORE »

Create a Balance Sheet for the C-Suite

The discussion about how PR pros can get a “seat at the table” is a perennial issue. In many organizations there hasn’t been an expectation that PR could or even should drive business results. When you think like a C-suite executive about business value, you can creatively implement meaningful measurements that connect to the overall health of your organization. | MORE »

What Happens When All Trust Is Lost

While all organizations need some level of public trust in order to continue to operate, the American Red Cross and Uber are dealing with severe issues regarding trust and reputation. | MORE »

Convergence of Marketing and PR to Accelerate in 2015

The pace of change in the PR practice is expected to accelerate in 2015, as more and more communicators take on a strategic role for their companies and clients and online media channels claim an expanding share of marketing budgets. To help you plan for next year, we asked PR pros what they see on the road ahead. | MORE »

Jereme Bivins, Digital Media Manager at The Rockefeller Foundation, talks about embracing the power of social mobility at PR News' Social Media Conference in New York City.

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