9 Steps to Optimizing Social Media Content


Your brand's social media content needs to be just as searchable and shareable as any other content that you produce for a website, a news release or a PR campaign. There are a number of ways to approach an SEO strategy for social, but if you keep in mind at least a certain number of principles, you will be a step closer to optimizing your brand's social presence.

coolerSahana Jayaraman, SVP, head of digital & content marketing at Eastwick, shares 9 steps that you can follow to optimize your social media content.

  • Produce quality content, not quantity content. More is not always better. You want to earn traffic, not just drive traffic.
  • Bait people with content, not just keywords attached to a link. But start by thinking about what content can drive your audience to their goals.
  • Think about headlines. The title is the first thing that people will see in your content.
  • Plan the length. More depth means getting into a topic fully and not just checking the box. When you have more depth, you answer more search queries and consequently earn more traffic.
  • Establish quality in your content. Be known for clear, accurate, grammatically clean information.
  • Think about design. A site that is easy on the eye will have a positive impact on SEO.
  • Create links. Links inside your content have a higher SEO value.
  • Include anchor text. Anchor text should provide a basic idea of what the linked page is about.
  • Create title tags. Title tags indicate to the searcher that the content is relevant with what they intend to discover.

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