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March 24, 2017

Winners will be announced in early May!

In any profession, if you want to be a top performer it pays to know who laid the foundation for you. It’s no different in PR.

PR News is compiling a list of the 50 People Who Changed PR, and we want your input. Please nominate the PR professionals you think have developed the key principles, practice areas, ethical and professional standards that have paved the way for you and your peers to thrive in their careers.

You may nominate key figures from PR’s past—beginning with Amos Kendall, who functioned as the first White House press secretary, serving under President Andrew Jackson—to those changing the trajectory of the profession in the 21st century.

Participate in the creation of this important list so you can be part of the conversation!

The 50 People Who Changed PR will be announced in early May.

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