5 Ways to Stay Calm at Work

calmWork is stressful, especially for PR pros. It's in the nature of the job, and the stress is well-documented. According to Forbes, the PR professional has the world's sixth most stressful job, keeping company with enlisted military personnel and airline pilots.

But there are ways to go about making your day at the office a bit more calm. Try incorporating these tips into your daily routine and you'll see a reduction in pressure and tension.

  • Organize your environment. Your workspace should be filled with things that will produce positive energy in you throughout the day, but keep it clear of clutter. Throw things out as soon as you don't need them. Don't keep unnecessary piles of paper or materials.
  • Don't argue. There is no room for petty arguments at the office. The potentially positive feeling of winning one won't match the negatives created along the way. And people have long memories for those who insist on having the last word on something trivial.
  • Avoid declaring right and wrong. Conciliate instead. Placing blame could lead to resentment, and in a business setting it's often—although not always—more useful to move on to a solution than dwell on the cause of a problem.
  • Share your stress. Your colleagues are experiencing a lot of the same things that you are. Talk about what's bothering you. Try to do it in a productive way. Someone else may have already found a solution for what you're going through.
  • Do your work at work. Don't take it home with you. Stay later and get in earlier if you need to, but don't let office stress spill over into your personal life.

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  • Eric

    Good points. There is a fine line between sharing stress and just annoying coworkers however.