5 Tips for Launching Your Brand on Instagram


Instagram isn’t just for companies with visually appealing products. Every brand—even B2B, nonprofits and associations—can use this optically intense platform. It’s an established fact that visual storytelling yields the highest rate of engagement, and there’s no better place to do it than Instagram.

These tips from Eric Gray, senior digital art director at Luckie & Company, and Maree Jones, publicity and communications specialist at Luckie & Company, can help you shift some of your brand communications away from text and toward visuals.

1. Embrace the Basic Guidelines of Photography. For your images to look their best on the platform, traditional photography rules still apply whether you’re shooting on your smartphone or with a DSLR camera.

2. Edit Images for Mobile and Desktop. Although Instagram primarily is a mobile application, capabilities such as liking, commenting and searching within the platform can be done on a computer. Eventually, Instagram may become more desktop-friendly. As of now, photo editing must be done on a mobile device, which can be challenging for some social media and brand managers.

3. Learn to Use Different Cameras and Apps for Insta-Success. Although images can be uploaded through a smartphone or other mobile device, many photographers use tools to easily transfer images from their cameras to their phones with the push of a few buttons. When working with a DSLR camera, pros often use one with built-in Wi-Fi or an Eyefi Mobi Pro SD card to transfer shots from their phones for quick editing and publishing to Instagram. This works well for live events, such as concerts, where capturing and sharing the moment in real time is a priority.

4. Experiment With Filters and Find What Works Best for Your Subject Matter. Instagram is perhaps best known for the filters it allows users to add to photographs or images. If you’re sharing images that have an artistic element, filters can be used to create a sense of mood or weight.

5. Use Hashtags and Follow Others to Boost Engagement, Find Inspiration and Build a Community. Instagram is considered a social network because it allows users to not only connect with friends and contacts, but also to find new people to follow and images to like through the use of hashtags. From fashion and pets to popular brands and even locations around the globe, interests can vary widely. Searching hashtags is a great way to find people who are similar to you.

This article was adapted from PR News’ Book of Visual Storytelling. Learn more about all of PR News’ how-to-focused guidebooks.

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