5 Simple Tips for Dealing With Unhappy Citizens on Social Media

Rosemont Copper and Davies Public Affairs use Facebook as the main social media platform for the campaign to raise support for a copper mine in Arizona. The page attracts both supporters and the opposition, which can result in lively conversations.

Heather-Anne MacLean

Heather-Anne MacLean, manager, engagement and influencer relations at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, offers tips for handling an unhappy public on social media:

  1. Be prepared for dissenting members of the public to create social media pages.

  2. Educate non-PR colleagues about limitations and best practices of social media.

  3. Anticipate difficult online discussions and unflattering videos and photos, and have a plan to openly and transparently deal with them instead of hiding them.

  4. Ensure all information posted as factual can be fully supported if challenged.

  5. Never resort to using false identities to attempt to demonstrate greater support than actually exists, even if detractors are using the alias tactic. When the truth comes out—and it will—any trust that may have existed will dissipate immediately. 

PR News subscribers can read more about how Davies Public Affairs targeted 50,000 residents of Pima County, AZ, for a proposed copper mine in the Case Study: "Personalized Strategic Outreach and Grassroots Effort Turn the Public Tide in Support of a Copper Mine." 

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