5 Measurement Tips to Create Business Value Through PR


Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy PR uses a “visionary measurement” program that focuses on the business impact of communications. But sales isn’t the only game in town. “Increases in efficiency, innovation and employee retention also create business value,” says Bhargava. Here are six tips from him to start proving PR’s true business worth:

  1. Don’t start with flawed statistics. “If 51% of people say one thing, then 49% say the other thing, which may not be the best data to use,” says Bhargava.

  2. Have a strategy, not bubbles. “Bubbles (a one-off PR tactic or campaign) may look nice but they don’t last,” he says. Think of success in the longer term.

  3. Simplify. Make data collection easier on your stakeholders with simple, intuitive registration forms.

  4. Focus on the big picture. The Memphis Drum Shop has more than 6,000 videos on its YouTube channel (see image). In total they have 3 million views. “So every video has about 150 views, creating great overall awareness,” says Bhargava.

  5. Remember, time is money. If you have Web stats that say people spend 10 minutes on your site, that can be misleading if your site takes several minutes just to navigate.

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