4 Tips For Developing Dynamic Brand Stories

Image: LifehackerContent marketing continues to proliferate throughout traditional and digital media, and it has become clear that the practice is not a fad. Brands are now becoming media companies on the fly, which is presenting many new challenges for communicators.

Still, the opportunity to connect with stakeholders is becoming increasingly easier. Social media has blurred the relationship between brands and consumers, enabling companies to penetrate new audiences across multiple channels. And all you have to do is create dynamic, captivating content that creates conversations about your brand.

Easier said then done.

The challenge may seem daunting, but brands are capitalizing on this notion. To help set you on your way, Tim Baker, vice president of strategy for MWW Group inspired these four tips to better tell brand stories:

  1. Choose your mediums. Don’t limit your brand to one medium; there are now several video networks available, so try to spread your content out. This will also help you determine which network’s culture fits your brand best.
  2. Leverage your assets. Don’t be afraid to recycle older content in clever new ways. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter encourage the practice with hashtags like #throwbackthursday (#TBT). Also, let your trusted employees assist with storytelling. After all, nobody internalizes your brand more than those who maintain its integrity on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Carefully plan your content. No matter how good your story is, it can’t tell itself. Ask yourself what the best vehicle for delivery is, what questions you want to answer and what actions you want your audience to take.
  4. Connect your brand. You could tell the best story in the world, but if it doesn’t connect the audience back to your brand then your efforts failed. While you may not want to shove a blatant advertisement in someone’s face, you still want consumers to connect the narrative to your brand—it’s a thin line.

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