A recent article in The New York Times brings to light a true branding conundrum. On the surface it looks simple: What do you do when you're Louisiana State University's Paul
M. Herbert Law Center and someone not on your staff is running an often-derogatory site at lsulaw.com? The obvious answer: Sue. Things get a little complicated, however, when the
person running the site turns out to be a second-year law student at the university. In the true spirit of the institution, LSU is suing anyway, after sending the student several
"cease-and-desist" letters alleging that the site confuses potential students and other visitors. The student's response, according to The Times: "If you can't figure out that
this is not the official site of a prominent Baton Rouge-area law school, then you may do well to take up a career in macramé or pottery - anything but the law, which requires
keen analytical skills." The chancellor of the school says the student in question will remain in good standing regardless of legal action: "We are a law school for goodness'
sake, and understand and teach the values of the First Amendment."