When the editors of PR NEWS grow up and switch to the PR side of the business, we want to have Joe Swaney's job at Turner Broadcasting. Or rather, we just want to have
his outlook on life. His latest pitch to our sister publication, Selling to Kids, announced that Cartoon Network's "Powerpuff Girls" are on their way to world dominance,
having "a) announced a feature film from Warner Brothers, b) passed the $100 million milestone for licensed merchandise sales, c) appeared on the body and wings of a Delta 737 and
d) won their first Primetime Emmy." Swaney's pitch was succinct and relevant (we wrote about it, and so did our sister pub). But his close was what won our undying respect: "And
may you sleep better tonight knowing that 'The Puffs' are making the world a safer place for jump-rope and hopscotch." Amen.