You would think an editor at World Wildlife Fund would be thrilled to receive information on a new Web-based resource on endangered natural regions. But if that editor happens
to have been instrumental to building that Web-based resource, and he and WWF are not once mentioned in the release, you might have another think coming. The editor in question
was more than a little miffed when a PR pro from Connors Communications sent him a release on WildWorld, a new initiative on National Geographic's Web site. His response: "I
appreciate the note on the exciting work that National Geographic has done in creating WildWorld. However, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that you neglected to mention
that World Wildlife Fund is a partner in the WildWorld site and created most of the original content. So essentially, you brought to our attention a project we helped create while
showing us that you are choosing not to give us any recognition for our participation." Ouch.