3 Ways PR Pros Can Leverage Tumblr

Image: Mashable
Image: Mashable

Now that the dust has settled from the Yahoo acquisition, Tumblr has released mobile app updates for iOS and Android that will boost discovery of new content, according to Social Times. Describing the updates as "helping you find more of the stuff you love," they allow users to search for specific tags and blogs, as well as peruse major trending tags and blogs. Tumblr will also begin offering recommended blogs based on previously-searched tags.

Some still fear that the buyout will sink the edgy social platform, despite Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer stating, "We promise not to mess this up." Regardless of where you fall in the debate, a platform that hosts more than 55 billion posts is one that communicators should know their way around. Here are three ways PR pros can leverage Tumblr, courtesy of David Wescott, director of digital strategy at APCO Worldwide.

It’s a great tool for strategic positioning.

Tumblr isn’t really a platform where you can launch a massive marketing campaignat least not yet. But it’s a simple interface that helps brands and people curate smart content quickly and strengthen their existing position as a thought leader, an advocate or a solution. Jay Rosen’s Tumblr Quote and Comment is a great example.

Remember, it’s still “social” media.

Tumblr isn’t the latest online incarnation of the movie "Field of Dreams," where “if you build it, they will come.” If you don’t have a large following on Tumblr yet, use your more-developed platforms to drive your community there. The best content on Tumblr is useless if no one sees it.

Don’t do too much.

Remember, Tumblr isn’t the ideal platform for long-form writing or content that takes longer than a few moments to consume. It’s closer to Twitter than it is to a blog. Use it to supplement what you’re doing elsewhere.

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