3 Tumblr Tips to Take Your Brand on a Candy-Colored Trip


tumblr_mntf8jmL2i1rr0xe5o1_500Tumblr's user base in the U.S. has grown from 17.1 to 19.1 million this year compared to 2014, attracted, no doubt, by the blogging platform's visual spectacle and potential to amuse those with a low tolerance for long-form content. In case you were wondering, yes, 27% of its users are between the ages of 25 and 34, according to eMarketer.

That's an audience with buying power, and the time to spend discretionary income. If you're a brand communicator, it's probably an audience you want pretty badly.

If you're considering using Tumblr to reach that audience, Tony Balasandiran, account supervisor with Flowers Communications Group and a speaker at PR News' May 19 webinar on using Tumblr for brand communications, has a few suggestions on the kind of Tumblr content that succeeds.

1. Communicate with visuals. Photos drive over 98% of engagement on Tumblr. Use photos, GIFs and videos liberally.

2. Use appropriate humor, emotion and pop culture to humanize your brand. Take a good look at your brand's website, and then go in the opposite direction with your Tumblr blog. Your website may be designed to appeal to your own corporate chieftains, but your Tumblr blog should appeal to the Tumblr audience. Try looking at your brand through candy-colored glasses.

3. Showcase standard corporate information in a creative and entertaining fashion. If you don't have the freedom to have a little (visual) fun with your brand's history, leadership team and products, then Tumblr might not be the place for you.

At PR News’ May 19 webinar on Tumblr, Allan Gungormez of Transamerica and Dayna Johantgen of Lucky Charms will talk about how their brands use their Tumblr blogs, and the visually inspired duo behind Mr. GIF will show attendees how to conceive of and craft GIFs for their Tumblr blogs.

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