3 PR Tips to Improve Returns on Instagram

Image: WinSouce

On Wednesday Instagram rolled out a Windows Phone app, meaning that it is available on the top three mobile OS platforms. Many critics have already scorned the launch because video recording is not yet an option.

However, the bigger story here is that Instagram increased its potential reach by 10.2% by introducing a Windows Phone app. That equates to several million mobile users and, for brands, that’s good news.

Make no mistake, Instagram is a tough platform for brands to break through. Links are not allowed, and users can be very fickle, expecting an authentic experience. Still, some brands have content that is endemic to the platform and are thriving in the space.

Like any social platform, patience and experimentation are your best strategies. But there are many more things to consider. Here are three tips for brands to consider in order to generate better returns from Instagram:

  1. Tell stories through images. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so make sure those words tell stories about your brand. Your history, your products, your consumers and your community are all elements of your brand, so be sure to include them from time to time as you post images.
  2. Be an active member of the Instagram community. Having your content shared should be the top objective, but you have to pay it forward, too. In other words, engage followers that engage you. This shows your community that you are there to do more than just promote your brand or product and services.
  3. Have fun.  This seems like a contrived tip, but as social media gains importance in the advertising and marketing spheres, many could lose sight of what social users want—authenticity. With more and more social platforms becoming public corporations, monetization practices will push more advertising onto users. Therefore, brands need to use their social presence to showcase an authentic voice, and that’s why making it fun is serious business.  

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