3 Tips for PR Pros Getting Into Media Buying

Matthew Browher
Matthew Browher

In yet another new discipline to add to their wheelhouse, PR agencies are starting to get into the media buying space. PR News spoke with Matthew Browher,
 senior VP, digital strategist at Ketchum, who provided the following three tips for PR pros looking to adapt media buying practices.

> Don't be afraid to include a paid recommendation. There are a lot of big media agencies and advertising agencies out there that do this, but PR shops have traditionally shunned paid advertising. Browher advises communication professionals to stop thinking about "What am I going to get written in or placed?” and start thinking, "How am I going to compliment that traditional media placement?"

He added, “Build paid into the plan. The ways things are today, there is potential for a paid component.”

> If you’re going to make an entry into media buying, do so with what you know. “If you’re comfortable working with bloggers and through social channels, don't go out and recommend a 30-second spot on TV,” Browher said. Start in a discipline that you’re already familiar with, especially when it comes to paid advertising. For most PR pros, that discipline is social media, so your paid recommendation should be something along the lines of native advertising or Facebook ads.

> Be ready to execute, measure and report. “If you make the ask, be prepared to back it up,” Browher said. “Make the buy, do the monitoring and the reporting on the back end.” Meaning, if you’re willing to spend money on media, clients want to see results. “Make sure that you understand the metrics and work with good partners that can provide you with the media tracking that you need,” Browher added. “Or you should have the tools available to do it on your own.”

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