3 Tips for Building a Brand Community on Reddit

redditSocial media strategies are often limited and focus on fewer than a handful of networks. It’s difficult to roll out a discrete strategy on every social media platform, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Especially when it comes to a network like Reddit, where users devour content and spread it across their communities.

Reddit is not like Facebook or Twitter. In fact, it would be difficult to find its equivalent. In essence Reddit is a social network, but the communities are glued together by content rather than relationships.

Conversations grow out of user-generated material, or what’s trending in the news. The discussions are often authentic, and at times can be very raw. This means brands that have the moxie to operate within the space also risk being called out from time to time. In other words, Reddit may not be for everyone.

Nevertheless, it is a hotbed for viral content, and often it's where much of the Web's most viral content originates. Given that, brands should seriously consider if they have what it takes to make it on Reddit.

With that in mind, here are 3 tips for the gutsy brand that wants to build a community on Reddit.

  1. Use it as you would any other social network (to a point). What that means is you should set up your account just as you would on Facebook and Twitter. You should have all of your vital information on your brand page. You will also share content on the network in a similar fashion, but the volume and types of content will be very different. Unlike other networks, Reddit has a “disliked” button, so if you start flashing advertorial-type content then you can expect that button to be deployed. Stick to content that identifies your brand, but is created with the user in mind. "Redditors" want to be entertained, and they want to share their enjoyment with others, so give them the materials they need, and they will become brand ambassadors.
  2. Build an allegiance of brand advocates. Let your stakeholders do the heavy lifting. If you create great content people will engage with it and share it. It’s really that simple. Conversely, if you create extremely bad content (think camp cinema) then users may also share it, but that may not be the kind of shares you are looking for. Just remember: it’s all about authenticity and relationship building.
  3. Use it as the ultimate feedback loop. Other social networks allow for comments and “likes,” but Reddit’s “disliked” feature adds another layer to getting feedback. To clarify, many social users on other networks will only respond to content they like, or they strongly object to. Reddit is designed so that disapprovals are just as easy as endorsements. Thus, you will likely get a more-rounded assessment of your content and how you’re doing within the space.


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