25 Most Overused Words and Phrases Redux: The Alternatives

Our recent list of the 25 most overused words and phrases in press releases inspired a lot of feedback along with requests for alternatives.

We put out a call to several PR pros for worthy alternatives, and they all reported that it’s difficult to replace one overused word or phrase with a better one without any knowledge of the product or service they would be describing. 

Nevertheless, the original list of 25 and their alternatives regularly appear in copy—presumably in cases when the author is well-versed in the subject at hand.

Our advice: Try to restrict your use of all adjectives and focus on the specific benefits of a product or service. That will force you to cut down on the “exclusives” and “best of breeds.”

25 Overused Words and Phrases 25 Alternatives 
Announced Reported
Authentic Certified, verified
Award-winning Prestigious
Best of breed Rated best in its class by____
Cross platform Integrated, compatible, universal
Cutting edge Progressive
Exciting Compelling
Exclusive Matchless
Groundbreaking New technology, new value proposition
Impact Influence
Improved Enhanced
Innovative Progressive
Launched Unveiled
Leader/leading Ranked number one by____
Leverage Apply
Next generation Updated, revised 
New Fresh
Proactive Forward-looking
Proud to announce Released
Revolutionary Streamlined, more effective, more efficient
Solution Result
State of the art Modern
Unprecedented Unparalleled
Up and coming On the rise, one to watch
Unique Distinct

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