2012 Platinum PR Awards: Satellite Media Tour

Winner: RF|Binder and McGraw-Hill Education - Tablets and Devices: An Educational Frontier

To support McGraw-Hill Education’s commitment to developing innovative digital education tools and take advantage of new tablets coming to market, R|F Binder used a satellite media tour to place Vineet Madan, head of McGraw-Hill Education eLabs, into the national tablet discussion.

Focusing on the benefits of tablets and how they are making educational content more engaging and interactive for students, Madan conducted 10 pre-taped broadcast interviews and 12 live interviews on May 11, 2011.

The SMT was a success, resulting in 284 TV placements and 390 radio placements in major markets, reaching a broadcast audience of more than 10 million viewers and a radio audience of 3.7 million listeners. In addition, a bylined article using SMT content that appeared on Mashable.com was retweeted more than 4,600 times and garnered 500 Facebook likes. —SVC 

Honorable Mentions:

American Red Cross – American Red Cross Remembers Haiti: Years One and Two: To mark the first and second anniversaries of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in Jan. 2010, American Red Cross executed satellite media tours that reached 8 million people in 2011 and 11 million in 2012.

GolinHarris – Breathe Better. Sleep Better. Challenge: National media tour with “America’s Sleep

Doctor”Michael Breus and a 20 Most Congested Cities in the U.S. list helped drive a 35% increase in traffic to Breath Right’s Web site. 

Macy’s – Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless Brings “The Macy’s Culinary Council Thanksgiving and Holiday Cookbook” to Life During SMT: Coinciding with the 85th anniversary of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Bayless SMT—featuring clips from past parades and recipes from the cookbook—resulted in 184 airings in 183 outlets and 3.1 million impressions.

MilkPEP – REFUEL: got chocolate milk? Campaign: “my After”: Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno gave 22TV and radio interviews in a studio set to mimic a locker room, resulting in 11.9 million impressions, with 100% of coverage including the refuel benefits of chocolate milk.

Rx Mosaic Health – Check Out Your Gout: Actor Jim Belushi discussed his management of the disease for the first time in 18 broadcast interviews for regional and national markets, garnering more than 80 million media impressions and 1,000 combined airings of a PSA and the SMT. 

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