2012 Platinum PR Awards: Research and Measurement

Winner: PRIME Research: Changing Behavior Through PR: Earned Media Boosts Campaign Effectiveness During Medicare Open Enrollment


The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) were having a hard time quantifying the ROI on their communications efforts to bring attention to their open enrollment initiatives.

PRIME Research not only quantified the post-campaign returns on CMS’ investments in earned and paid media, but successfully planned its campaigns around formative optimization research undertaken before investing even the first dollar. From the outset, they set objectives which were meaningful, reasonable and measurable. Once the data was collected, it was analyzed both for the effectiveness of the PR campaign and for the effectiveness relative to other forms of marketing and communication.

The research proved just how valuable CMS’ PR efforts had been. There was an 11% increase in the number of people who had seen, read or heard information about the open enrollment program and by the end of the campaign 88% of the beneficiaries were aware that Medicare has an open enrollment period. On the media end, the campaign’s earned media had amassed nearly 3 billion impressions and the news coverage was overwhelmingly positive. —JG 


Honorable Mentions:


Allstate Insurance Company – Reputation Leadership: Allstate created a three-pronged measurement and tracking process to ensure it is achieving its mission; know your stakeholders, the governance process, and measure and adjust.

The Mosaic Company – “I Am Mosaic” Campaign: To gauge public sentiment about the phosphate industry in Florida, Mosaic surveyed 833 respondents in cities and towns across the state. The results of the survey (a 75% positive public sentiment) helped Mosaic to focus its subsequent advertising campaign on the people working for Mosaic.

Determinus – Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP): Obesity Alliance Determinus created METRIC (Measuring Engagement and Tracking Influencer Communications), a mechanism for measuring stakeholder engagement. By assigning a point score to multiple stakeholder engagements,  Determinus  demonstrated the level of dedication of each of the stakeholder organizations.

Siemens Corp. – Cities as Customers: Branding Siemens as Today’s Go-To City Expert: In 2008, for the first time in history, the majority of people in the world lived in cities. As a result, Siemens created a new “Infrastructure and Cities Sector.”  The PR campaign produced a wealth of data and positive results, including 240 million impressions and coverage in media outlets including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.


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