2012 Platinum PR Awards: Internal Publication

Winner: Kaiser Permanente – The Source: The Newsletter for Procurement and Supply


Sometimes, internal publications can’t reach every employee. That was the challenge facing Kaiser Permanente. The organization also found out that its employees wanted to hear more upbeat news stories, learn more about Procurement & Supply and read about their colleagues.

To make the publication work, participation from all levels of the organization was needed. The content produced was required to highlight the organization’s Value Compass. With everyone on board, the company was able to share information via newsletter e-mails, the intranet site, meetings and word of mouth. Prizes were given to the first 10 people who submitted story ideas. To make the connection with fellow employees, photos of those involved were included. With an electronic version and hard copies of the newsletter available, employees now feel recognized and like they’re a part of the inner workings of the organization. —JH 


Honorable Mentions:


Bally Technologies – Your Voice: Bally upped the visibility of its colleagues around the world by increasing correspondence and story requests with its employees. Employee contributions increased from 13 to 38.

Disney Interactive – Disney Interactive Energizes Employee Community Via “Interface” and “Portal” News Channels: With approximately 3,000 employees, Disney Interactive created its first newsletter and will soon launch a blog-style hub which will give employees a chance to engage with each other. The use of the newsletter has reached nearly 100%.

Maryland Dept. of Business & Economic Development – myDBED: The redesigned intranet made employees visits to myDBED easy and enjoyable. Employees were also involved in the naming of the site and what tools they used most. Ultimately, 75% of employees found myDBED to be extremely useful.

The Mosaic Company – Grow Magazine
: To inspire employees and create a publication that would showcase work done in Mosaic communities, an at- home mailing of the edition was created to support the 75% of employees with limited online access.

MWW – 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report:
Promise and Practice: MWW’s Promise and Practice report was designed to reflect the company’s commitment to transparency. The report focused on waste reduction, reusability and recycling as well as increased efficiency and conservation.

Pratt Institute – Prattfolio Magazine: 125th Anniversary Commemorative Issue
: The innovations of Pratt’s students, faculty and alumni were in full display in a celebratory publication that celebrates the creative impact of the Institute.

Southwest Airlines – Southwest Airlines’ LUVLines: Communicating to 43,000 Employees in more than 70 locations nationwide: With an emphasis on using personal employee stories to showcase the company’s direction, readership of employee magazine LUVLines rose to 93%. 


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