2012 Platinum PR Awards: External Publication

Winner: Ogilvy PR Merck Pharmaceuticals– Healthy Beginnings for Babies


Receiving regular well-baby care visits to evaluate growth and immunization are essential during a child’s first year of life. However, the CDC reports only 35% of African-American and 37% of Hispanic infants receive all of the recommended care. To combat these disparities, Merck and Ogilvy PR partnered with the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) and the National Medical Association (NMA) to create the Healthy Beginning for Babies campaign.

The campaign’s goal was to spread the message and empower moms about what occurs at each well- baby visit and encourage them to follow through on all visits. The pilot program ran from October through December 2011 and aimed to reach 8,000 moms and healthcare providers. Ogilvy PR created the Guide to Baby’s 1st Year booklet, which contained a month-by-month summary of well-baby checkups and milestones; health and safety tips; questions to ask doctors; and a chart to record a baby’s growth and vaccinations. More than 8,000 copies of the Guide were distributed before the two-month pilot phase ended.

As a result, Merck expanded the program for another yearwiththegoalofreaching70,000moremoms. —RD 


Honorable Mentions:


The Axis Agency – Culture Magazine: Aiming to educate marketers about the growing importance of the U.S. multicultural market, the spring 2012 issue was dedicated to the New Hispanic Mom, featuring articles and case studies covering this demographic.

Davies – Telling a Powerful Story: To allay pubic fears around coal-fired power plants for client GenOn Energy, Davies produced a fact book and sent it to 5,000 households near GenOn’s plants. The result was a 73% support rate among the community.

Hitachi America, Ltd. – Hitachi North America Group Company Brochure: Hitachi’s first external publication featured information on CSR efforts and industry awards, along with customized inserts for the power and information technology sectors.

The Mosaic Company – Sustainability Report: The 2011 report conveys the company’s sustainability efforts and vividly showcases Mosaic’s environmental successes, including land reclamation, electric co- generation and water recycling. 

Novartis Consumer Health – Turbo and Scott: Novartis and Ruder Finn created a children’s e-book for children living with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) —a genetic disorder that can cause non-cancerous tumors in vital organs. The online resource chronicles the challenges TSC patients face while serving as an educational tools for children and their families.

U.S. Postal Service –
Postal Facts 2011: Postal Facts 2011 provided pertinent information to the news media, its customers and members of Congress about the United States Postal Service. The free publication featured information about the organization’s size and scope, its key products and services, new initiatives and fun facts.

UT Southwestern Medical Center – 2011 Southwestern Medicine: The annual publication showcases the institution’s educational mission, research and clinical expertise to alumni and stakeholders. The publication also highlights fundraising initiatives, including the recent “Building the Future of Medicine” campaign, which funds a new university hospital scheduled to open in late 2014. 


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