2012 Platinum PR Awards: Blog

Winner: Apriso Corporation Building Thought Leadership for a 'Manufacturing Transformation'

Looking to build thought leadership in a ever-changing industry, Apriso’s “Manufacturing Transformation” blog reports on big changes
and challenges currently in process within the manufacturing industry, as it has become increasingly global. A big challenge with the blog: Apriso competes against some industry behemoths, including SAP, Rockwell, Siemens and GE. But, the manufacturing operations divisions tend to be small in these large companies, so when it comes down to resources and marketing focus, Apriso can still stand out. Content was key, and Apriso solicited feedback from analysts for help with relevant topics. A team of 20 employees contributed to the blog, which was promoted via social media— significantly increasing traffic and viewership to apriso.com. In addition, page views tripled in the first 10 months of the blog’s debut and traffic has steadily grown since. —Jamar Hudson 

Honorable Mentions:

Cone Communications – What Do You Stand For? Feeling the ever-growing pressure from consumers to address PR issues, Cone integrated its blog with social media, leading to 782 unique monthly visitors.

Edelman – HP’s 367 Addison Avenue Blog: The Ultimate Online Resource for SMB Success: Edelman created a platform for SMB owners to access content produced by HP and IT experts, improving customer engagement.

ESPN ESPNFrontRow.com, ESPN’s public facing corporate blog: To stay ahead of the evolving blogosphere, ESPN created a corporate blog that provided information to both fans and the media. Front Row has been a success, with 1.4

million visits and 1.9 million page views.

Makovsky + Company Pennies for Your Thoughts: Driving Growth and Reputation Through “My Three Cents”: Among the
first blogs to transcend PR, Kenneth Makovsky’s blog is featured on Forbes.com and Bloomberg Businessweek’s Business Exchange.

PeppercomSteve Cody’s RepMan: Nothing is off limits in this pointed and humorous blog. As a result, a loyal readership has been established.

Scholastic On Our Minds @Scholastic: The relaunched version of On Our Minds offered a functional and fun site that was appealing to targeted teachers, students and parents. 

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