2011 Top Places to Work in PR – The OutCast Agency

The OutCast Agency doesn’t leave employee development to chance—or to the employees. Each OutCast employee is assigned a career coach within the first months of employment who provides feedback and advice, facilitates annual reviews and makes recommendations for career advancement.

This is supplemented by the OutCast Training program, an ongoing series taught by OutCast’s own experts on tactical topics, from writing workshops to time management overviews. OutCast also hosts guest speakers, such as journalists from Bloomberg Businessweek and TechCrunch.

OutCast eschews segmentation into traditional practice areas and gives employees a well-rounded experience, which can include a mix of clients in enterprise and consumer technology, start-ups and public corporations, software and hardware, green technology, venture capital and more.

(Left to Right) Kayla Kooyman, Johanna Peace, Amy Brinker, Dani Metz, Sheeva Zarechian, Edie Campbell-Urban, Carolyn Thomas, Marissa Coughlin, Angela D'Arcy, Molly Mahoney, Kyla Keefe, Jessica Lanz, Kevin Shen, Becky Porter, Gwen Belomy, Megan Anderson, Alex Constantinople, Kate McEwan, Eva Babiak, Chris Kraeuter, Kevin Wilkins, Zoz Cuccias, Nate Potter, Alex Kirschner.


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