2011 PR News Hall of Fame: Roger Frizzell

Chief Communications Officer, PG&E

After eight years as VP of corporate communications at American Airlines, in October 2011 Roger Frizzell moved on to California-based energy company PG&E, becoming its chief communications officer. And just like he did at American, Frizzell will concentrate on improving customer service while cementing PG&E’s reputation—both externally and internally.

“The most successful companies are those that work night and day to build deep, solid relationships with their customers and employees,” says Frizzell. A four-time All-American wrestler from Univ. of Oklahoma, Frizzell is used to grappling with tough PR problems. On that end, Frizzell advises not to be afraid to fail. “Think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to take risks,” he says. —SVC

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