2011 Nonprofit PR Awards: Annual Publication or Brochure 

National Shooting Sports Foundation Inc. - 2010 Annual Review

The National Shooting Sports Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary with an annual review marked by high-quality design, easy-to-navigate content and clear evidence of the organization’s growth. NSSF’s in-house marketing communications team developed the layout, which consists of 28 glossy pages featuring a “Mission in Action” theme. NSSF expanded on its annual review in 2010 to cater to its growing membership, which saw an increase of over 29% from 2009. 

The review was distributed at the industry’s largest trade show, the NSSF’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, and was made available by download from the NSSF Web site, or by ordering a free printed copy. Similarly, the video version of the review was available online. The package (paper copy and video) was distributed to all 6,600 NSFF members, 2,000 media representatives and all members of Congress. The review inspired more than 23 articles, and there have been over 1,350 downloads from the Web site.

Honorable Mentions
American Heart Association – Progress in Policy, 2009-2010 Advocacy Annual Report: The association launched its annual report online and promoted it through Web site ads, internal and external newsletters and blogs. It received 5,200 online views in January 2011 alone. 

MWW Group – 2010 MWW Group Corporate Citizenship Report: Promise, Practice: MWW Group’s report emphasized the agency’s commitment to corporate citizenship, and contributed to achieving ISO 14001 certification for excellence in its environmental efforts.

NYU Langone Medical Center – Innovation: 2010 Research ReportThe Center’s report was distributed to about 10,000 individuals, including healthcare opinion leaders surveyed for US News and World Report, and helped to boost NYU School of Medicine’s rankings from 31st to 27th place in the magazine’s ranking of medical schools.