2011 CSR Awards: Green PR Campaign

Winner: Lockheed Martin Corporation - Lockheed Martin Go Green Employee Engagement

Spanning corporate headquarters to war zones abroad, Lockheed Martin energized its employees with the highly successful Go Green campaign. Recognizing that energy security is the key to Lockheed Martin’s global security mission, the company set goals to reduce environmental impact in water usage, landfill waste and energy usage. The Go Green engagement campaign generated overwhelming participation from employees (130,000 workers participating), and featured 150 Green Zones, including one in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Go Green initiatives secured coverage in several local and national news outlets, including a major live segment on CNN International. —BM

Honorable Mentions:
Hormel Foods and Buston-Marsteller - Leveraging a Progressive New Plant:
After building a new manufacturing facility according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEE) Green Building Rating System, the communications team at Hormel Foods and their agency partners at Buston-Marsteller launched a multi-tiered campaign showcasing the company as as a pioneer in setting a new standard of innovation sustainability.

Loyola University Chicago - Loyola Creates Sustainable Campus and Community: To reduce its ecological footprint and become a “green” campus, Loyal University Chicago launched a sustainability initiative embracing the idea of sustainability within students, faculty, staff and the broader Chicago community. Internal communication channels helped promote a new campus-wide recycling program, a student-led Borrow-A-Bike program and new environmental courses, leading The Princeton Review to include Loyola in its “Guide to 286 Green Colleges” issue.

Sodexo, Inc. - Stop Wasting Food: Sodexo Asks Students to Cut Food Waste to Curb Climate Change: Sodexo used social media platform to create direct engagement with college students as well as a strategic media outreach campaign to tell the emerging story of food waste and its impact on the environment. The result: food waste was reduced by 29% at the eight campuses that participated in the pilot program.

The Walt Disney Company - Disney Friends For Change: Project Green: Disney’s multi-platform Friends for Change: Project Green campaign inspired kids and families to help the planet by highlighting how simple changes in their daily lives can benefit the Earth. Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez filmed 30 on-air messages and a special two-hour TV event, motivating 2 million kids to pledge over 2.4 million green actions.

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