2011 CSR Awards: Stakeholder Engagement

Winner: Carmichael Lynch Spong - Hitting It Out of the Park With CLRBI

Carmichael Lynch Spong wasn’t looking for a baseball tie-in when it moved into its new LEED-qualified, 100% wind-sourced home in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. But when the agency learned that the Minnesota Twins would be building a new ballpark across the street, the opportunity was just too good to pass up.

To increase its visibility externally as a CSR leader and establish itself as green to the core for internal stakeholders, the agency created its CLRBI program, which tracked total RBIs for the Twins during the 2010 season, with the goal of donating $5 and one hour of community service for each run batted in. Ultimately, Carmichael Lynch Spong employees completed 801 volunteer hours, exceeding the Twins’ RBI output of 749, and more than $3,700 was contributed to the Twins’ Community Fund. —SG

Honorable Mentions:
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company - Prince William Sound Traveling Health & Safety Fair: Alyeska partnered with healthcare providers in Alaska, Bering Marine Corp. and Alaska Marine Lines to bring its annual Traveling Health & Safety Fair to the isolated communities of Prince William Sound. Of the Sound’s 6,900 residents, 1,844 participated in a total of 118 health and well-being activities in five communities.

Astro All Asia Networks plc - Kampus Astro Program:
Satellite provider Astro invested $9.7 million in the Kampus Astro program to bring world-class quality education to more than 5 million primary and secondary students across Malaysia. As part of the program, 10,000 government schools and Teacher Activity Centres were provided with the Kampus Astro video-based learning system.

Canada Lands Company - Balanced Scorecard Renewal:
Canada Lands Company, a self-financing Crown corporation owned by the government of Canada, updated its “balanced scorecard” key indicator measurement tool to make certain that sustainability initiatives would be more transparent in results and were in line with sustainability reporting best practices. The stakeholder engagement process was extensive, and ultimately the board of directors decided to integrate the scorecard targets into an employee incentive program.

DABO & CO - Visa: The Launch of Financial Literacy: DABO & CO, on behalf of Visa, took a financial literacy program that had been initiated in the U.S. and successfully adapted it for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC). DABO’s press conference at the 2010 Gulf Educational Supplies and Solutions show helped open the doors for the financial literacy program, which reached more than 76,000 teachers and students and other members of the general public.

OMV Petrom S.A. - Building a Community Resource Centre - CERC Schela Story: Romania-based oil company OMV Petrom S.A. established in the community of Schela its first Romanian Community Resource Centre (CIRC), conceived to improve the quality of life of local residents. Informal meetings and structured focus groups aided in the development of CIRC—and helped strengthen the bonds between the Schela community and the company.

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