2011 15-to-Watch: Michael Trupo

Within 24 hours of being sent to help the Mine Safety and Health Administration during the Upper Big Branch mine disaster, Michael Trupo ensured that there was a steady and accurate flow of information from the MSHA to the media. His work helped land a profile of a top MSHA official in The Washington Post. —SP

Best Piece of PR Advice So Far:
“If you approach someone in a panic, you will receive a panicked response. If you keep a cool head when handling a crisis, it will be easier for everyone to come up with a well-reasoned strategy to deal with the situation.”

President at Birth:
Hometown: Clarendon, NY 
College: SUNY Geneseo
Favorite PR teacher: Carl Fillichio 
Favorite Sports Team: Buffalo Bills
Favorite Sport to Play: Fishing 
Athlete Who Most Inspires You: Ryan Fitzpatrick
Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
Favorite Movie: Paths of Glory 
Cable, Streaming or Both? Both 
Starbucks or Dunkin’? Dunkin’ 
Social Media Platform You Use the Most: Facebook


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