2011 15-to-Watch: Lauran Driver

Lauran Driver worked with client General Mills to enhance social media efforts for the Yoplait brand, resulting in an increase of 92% for Yoplait’s natural level of online conversation, plus a lift of 458% of average engagement per Facebook post. Her social media expertise also increased Facebook engagement for four of client Hershey’s brands. —MZ

Proudest PR Accomplishment:
“Helping build up a successful interactive and analytics practice at WCG from five people to over 40 in two years.”

Hometown: Houston
College Attended: University of Texas at Austin
Favorite PR teacher: Bill Carner—“A brilliant but relatable teacher who made you love to learn more.”
Favorite Sports Team: Texas Longhorns
Favorite Sport to Play: Golf
Most Inspiring Athlete:
Kevin Durant
Favorite TV Show: The X Factor
Favorite Movie:
Dazed and Confused (“Great movie, filmed in Austin”)
Cable, Streaming or Both? Both
Starbucks or Dunkin’? “Neither. Not a coffee girl.” 


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