2011 15-to-Watch: Caitrin O’Sullivan

Caitrin O’Sullivan’s work with the City of New York’s Board of Elections drew rave reviews, thanks to a Twitter voting-response stream she created and executed for Election Day 2010. In addition, O’Sullivan’s social media expertise was key in helping the Nuclear Energy Institute calm fears in the U.S. after nuclear plants were damaged in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami. Overnight, O’Sullivan helped create an NEI Twitter account, blog and YouTube channel. —MZ

Proudest PR Accomplishment:
“That I was able to join a large agency and quickly identify and embrace its entrepreneurial spirit.”

Hometown: Middletown, NJ
College Attended: College of the Holy Cross (MA); one year at University of Leon, Spain
Favorite PR Teachers: On-the-job mentors like Pat Ford, Jim Cunningham and Susan Vitale
Favorite Sports Team: 1996 Chicago Bulls
Favorite Activities: Trapezing, zip-lining and go-kart racing
Most Inspiring Athlete: Lance Armstrong
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Starbucks or Dunkin’? Dunkin’ because it’s cheaper
Android, iOS or RIM? BlackBerry for work; iPhone for personal use
Favorite Play App: iBook


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