2010 Platinum PR Awards: Internal Publication

Winner: ITT Defense & Information Solutions – SystemsNews: Internal Communications for the Home Front and the Battlefield

The bimonthly SystemsNews was developed to be an easy-to-read touchstone for ITT employees across the globe, giving employees information to share with their friends and business associates. Its secondary purpose: to serve as a recruitment tool. With more than half of the 10,000-plus employee base operating without email addresses, distribution has become a community-building collaboration. Managers abroad print and provide copies to employees in the field. The content interweaves local and global content, and each issue has a message from the president outlining company goals and photos highlighting the diversity of the environment. Feedback for the SystemsNews shows it’s being read, and enjoyed, by a broad slice of employees.

Honorable Mentions:
Amerigroup Corporation – Amerigroup’s Real Solutions Report Companywide Newsletter:In order to reduce emails crowding employee inboxes about company news and updates, Amerigroup developed a newsletter that would serve as a centralized and interactive source of company information. The newsletter, just under a year old, has since proved to boost employee motivation and involvement.

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. - Monthly OCIO Report - Electronic (MORE): Tasked to improve the readability and open rate of the MORE newsletter, Booz Allen held a three-part training program for content contributors to enhance the quality and get all of the team on-point. The succinct, streamlined newsletter connect with employees, inspiring positive feedback.

Oriental Trading - “The Flock Squawk” Employee Newsletter: "Flock Squawk" has served as a colorful and timely showcase of employee achievement and community service, with fun diversion such as a "Flamingo Lingo" puzzle.

Smithsonian Institution - e-Torch Conversion: Smithsonian's The Torch relaunched online as e-Torch using internal talent to make the conversion as cost-effective as possible. The online version has an ambitious posting schedule—more than 350 articles and 1,000 photos were published in the first six months after launch.

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. - Connections Employee Newsletter
This companion newsletter to regular issues of Connections features content from Smurfit-Stone employees. A recent poll found that 69% of readers strongly trust what they read in the newsletter and that it helps them better understand the company's goals.

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