2010 NonProfit PR Awards: Branding/Re-Branding Campaign

Winner: Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide - Planned Parenthood: “Someone you know...We’re Here”

Seizing on an uptick of support for its efforts to defeat parental notification initiatives for abortions from those who normally don’t support its activities, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California hired Ogilvy to determine just what moved those non-supporters and to help rejuvenate the brand among women and men. 

With a clear mandate to refresh the brand, a committee comprising representatives from all nine California Planned Parenthood affiliates created the new tag line, “Planned Parenthood. We’re Here.” Then, using as their theme the line “Someone you know… We’re here,” five new ad campaigns showcasing Planned Parenthood’s diverse client base encapsulated many of PP’s services and extended across all a variety of media. The messaging spoke to those who could see themselves in the ad, or empathetically could see someone else in need. All PP efforts in California are now on board to use the new brand positioning in all advertising, fundraising and community outreach initiatives.

—Cathy Olson

Honorable Mentions:

American Physical Therapy Association
The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) cut through the competitive landscape of alternative healthcare providers among referral sources with a three-part campaign aimed at educating its members, healthcare professionals and consumers, and solidifying physical therapy as a brand. Through social media and targeted Internet outreach, the APTA site received a 44% increase in visits from the prior year.

National Shooting Sports Foundation
After determining its brand had connected with less than 34% of its own industry and 19% in legislative circles, trade association National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) got on the stick by hiring a new communications team and creating unified messaging, logo, design elements and positioning. In seven months, awareness has jumped to 47% among industry peers and 38% in legislative circles.