2010 NonProfit PR Awards: Annual Publication

Winner: Legacy Foundation - Legacy Progress Report: The Voices of Change

With the publication of its 2009 annual report, Legacy Foundation achieved its goals of highlighting its accomplishments over the past two years, marking its 10-year anniversary and refocusing attention on smoking as a major continuing health concern. Unlike previous annual reports that emphasized personal stories, Legacy’s goal was to motivate the masses to come together to fight tobacco use. In addition, the report is filled with information from grassroots activists, researchers, donors, public heath advocates and grantees chronicling major milestones that have occurred during the organization’s existence. The report has been distributed to congressional staffers, given to members of the media as a primer on the Legacy Foundation and highlighted at conferences as an overview of the foundation’s success. —Cathy Olson

Honorable Mentions:

American Physical Therapy Association - 2009 Annual Report
How better to show APTA members the value of their organization and draw people to learn about success stories than redesigning a dynamic, interactive PDF for the annual report? Almost 1,400 people viewed APTA’s report the month it was posted, and page views continue to average 700 per month.

National Screen Institute-Canada - 2009-2010 NSI Annual Report
As a way to show its success in the industry, demonstrate its financial responsibility during difficult economic times and bolster interest among potential stakeholders, the NSI created an easily navigable 40-page book and online report.

National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSF’s Annual Review of the Firearms Industry

NSSF’s membership has grown almost 30% during the past year, after it created a high-gloss, 28-page printed piece on the state of the firearms industry, along with a complementary video and PDF version.

The New York Public Library - Annual Report 2009 - Online

The NYPL orchestrated a collaboration of many internal staffers, significantly reduced costs and increased perceived value to the reader by creating a comprehensive, visually engaging online report.

NYU Langone Medical Center - Excellence - 2009 Annual Report
NYU completely redesigned its annual report to reflect the energy and progression of the Medical Center and generated positive feedback both internally and externally when it published its completely annual report on its website this summer.

Peel District School Board - Report to the Community 2009
Eighty percent of the 11,500 people who received the Peel District’s report, which focused on success stories, rated it “very good” to “excellent.” The report also drove more than 90% of respondents to school board’s website.