2010 NonProfit PR Awards: Social Media Campaign

Winner: Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp. - With Love Philadelphia XOXO

In mid-2009, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation sought to elevate Philly’s status as a premier tourist destination, focusing on expanding and branding GPTMC’s 11 social networks on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Foursquare. To convert the social media visitors into Philly visitors, GPTMC launched a series of “With Love”-themed consumer events and “Tweetaways,” and also promoted the accounts through a branded e-newsletter and via a sponsored Daily Candy e-newsletter. From 2009-2010 the combined fan base/following on GPTMC’s social media pages grew 254%, and more than 10,000 fans and followers visited visitphilly.com. —Jessica Clegg

Honorable Mentions:

American Kennel Club - Meet the Breeds
To create awareness about the first ever Meet the Breeds event in NYC, the American Kennel Club launched a comprehensive social media campaign centered around meetthebreeds.com. Along with event information the site contained fun and engaging items such as games and a social media "breed banner," which let users share their breed allegiances on social media pages. The social media efforts achieved more than 8 million impressions via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, and the virtual breed stickers were downloaded or accessed by over 43,000 people.

American Physical Therapy Association - Move Forward: Physical Therapy Brings Motion to Life
To increase online visibility for the Move Forward brand, the American Physical Therapy Association developed a branded consumer twitter handle, @moveforwardpt. The APTA team tweeted four to five times a day with stories, questions and information related to the profession and the brand, oftentimes linking back to the site or to videos on the topic. From the launch of the social media campaign on Feb. 1 to August 2, 2010, APTA has generated more than 2,823,994 impressions on Twitter and Facebook and visits to moveforwardpt.com jumped nearly 51%.

National Education Association - Speak Up for Education & Kids Campaign
The objective of the Speak Up for Education & Kids Facebook campaign was to use social media to build a coalition of educators, parents and community members committed to passing legislation to help prevent budget-related layoffs of education professionals. The  Facebook page was launched on April 29, 2010, and, through a steady stream of useful content on the issue, attracted over 34,000 fans and galvanized those fans into action.

Orange County Registrar of Voters - Online Voter Information Program
The Orange County Registrar of Voters created the Online Voter Information Program, which included a Facebook profile, YouTube page and  Twitter account, with the goal of increasing the transparency of elections in Orange County. The profiles were continuously updated with a wealth of information, including articles pulled from newsletters that were emailed to poll workers and voters; photos from outreach events that were posted to photo albums; and videos that were created in-house and posted to Facebook and YouTube.