2010 Digital PR Awards: Listening Campaign

Winner: Media Measurement – Measurement Cubed!

Launching the Nissan Cube—with its quirky design and stocky build—in the U.K. would require some out-of-the-box thinking. Nissan GB and PR agency Borkowski enlisted Media Measurement Ltd. to develop tools to measure its January 2010 launch campaign, which focused on the car as a piece of modern design rather than on its utility as a vehicle. To give a “human side” to the analysis, descriptive adjectives on social media were tracked to show perceptions of the Cube.The buildup culminated with a dramatic event—the Cube in a Cube—which unveiled the car inside a giant ice cube on the bank of the River Thames in London. Discussion across various media platforms increased 3,200% during the three-month evaluation period.

Honorable Mentions:
Mom Central Consulting – Mom Ringmasters Go to the Circus:
MCC has built a network of influential moms across the U.S., which it deploys in support of word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. In this case, the team developed a word-of-mouth to promote a circus' live tour, leveraging MCC's network of moms. The campaign helped sell more than 25,000 tickets in nine regions within four months.

Text 100 Global PR and Context Analytics – eVoice Social Media Influencer Identification Analysis:
To determine where influencers are spending time online, as well as to analyze eVoice's share of voice in comparison to a competitor, Text 100 developed an online listening exercise. A sample of the 100 most influential posts about eVoice were analyzed, assessing tone of posts toward each company. The Text 100 PR team tailored its strategy and tactical approach to best address the findings.