2010 Digital PR Awards: Digital Marketing Campaign

Winner: Unilever Klondike with GolinHarris – What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar...Now?

In 2009, Klondike called in GolinHarris to ask the world, “What would you do for a Klondike bar now?,” a campaign promoting its signature ice cream treat’s thicker chocolate shell. Seeking to reach a young, male fan base, GH prepared a content-heavy campaign designed to reach viral proportions. Michael Ian Black of Comedy Central fame led an Internet media tour with video clips that landed on top media sites, including People.com and Maxim.com. On Facebook, a two-week sparring match between NFL personalities Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens about who had the “thicker shell” generated 58 million impressions.

Honorable Mentions:
Cisco Systems Inc.- myPlanNet
The myPlanNet portal targeted a global audience of young professionals with an interest in networking, networking aficionados and social media enthusiasts, with a social media launch of Facebook and Twitter pages featuring competitive mini-games, polls and posted discussion topics. The outreach exceeded expectations with 25,658 myPlanNet Facebook fans representing 130 countries.

DigiNovations - PiperSport
Commissioning digital marketing agency DigiNovations to take the lead in launching a game-changing personal aircraft, Piper quickly assembled a tightly-integrated program on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The launch utilized a company tag-team to post and react to postings and activity in all of the social media channels—particularly on the PiperSport Facebook page. The postings paid off: On January 20, 2010, a Google search for "PiperSport" turned up zero results; it now returns more than 126,000 results.

Fleishman-Hillard Texas - Chevrolet at SXSW:
Fleishman-Hillard Digital brought Chevrolet “out of the showroom" at SXSW, leveraging the brand to enhance the overall festival experience for attendees with such perks as free Chevy rides from the airport for a select group of social media influencers and rides for randomly-selected attendees to different concert locations. As a result of these perks, Chevrolet added 8,764 Facebook fans and @Chevrolet Twitter feed added 1,200 followers.

Text 100 Global Public Relations and Context Analytics -Lenovo Gives SMBs a Sweet Business Edge
To launch the ThinkPad Edge in a way that would resonate with SMBs, Text 100 team identified New York City-based  CupcakeStop, the first mobile gourmet cupcake shop in the city, to help drive creative promotional tactics through Twitter and Facebook. The PR team equipped business founder Lev Ekster with one of the Edge models, which allowed him to easily stay connected in real time throughout the day with his more than 14,000 followers on Twitter, who could RT to win a ThinkPad Edge-themed cupcake. The 100 ThinkPad Edge-themed cupcakes were given away in less than one hour as a result of Ekster's tweet.