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The Well-Provisioned War Room And Why You Need One

October 26th, 2005 by

When a crisis erupts, the communications team goes to ground, huddling in the "war room," the "command center." From this hub, PR leadership can call the shots, watching as the story unfolds and adjusting communications… Continued

Behind The Scenes With PR News’ PR Professionals Of The Year

October 26th, 2005 by

Doug Dome has a sweet tooth, and he’s not afraid to admit it. He’s also an equal-opportunity PR pro. As the principal of Dome HK, which was acquired by Hill & Knowlton in 2004, Dome… Continued

CEO Brand Leaders Score Points For Personality

October 26th, 2005 by

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” The mantra of “Wizard of Oz” fame once struck a chord with a corporate culture that operated behind the proverbial curtain, but more and more of… Continued

Messaging Meter

October 26th, 2005 by

Everybody knows corporate reputation is numero uno in today’s business ethos – now it’s just a matter of getting everybody to care. Doing so is (or should be) the goal of PR professionals who have… Continued

Pet PR Effort Barks Up The Right Tree

October 26th, 2005 by

COMPANY: JELD-WEN Inc. AGENCY: CMD Agency TIMEFRAME: Spring 2005 Nothing says reliable doors and windows quite like a dog that can smell epileptic seizures before they happen…right? No, wait, this actually makes sense. “Many home… Continued

Measuring New Media Lost In Cyberspace

October 26th, 2005 by

It goes without saying: New media matters. Studies show it, surveys reiterate it, Web surfers confirm it. And now, as PR professionals struggle to jump on the bandwidth bandwagon to avoid being left behind by… Continued

Exclusive: PR News/Medialink Survey: Litigation PR: Little Preparation = Big Crises

October 26th, 2005 by

Television series like “Boston Legal” and “Law & Order” have a way of making courtroom drama seem sexy when, in reality, it’s just drama. The same is true for PR professionals who face litigation situations… Continued

PRSA: Lookin’ A Little Windblown

October 26th, 2005 by

PR has been riddled with talk of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the tide hasn’t changed just yet. Hurricane Wilma put a damper on the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in Miami (set… Continued

The CSR Report: Talking the Corporate Social Responsibility Walk

October 26th, 2005 by

In the first of a two-part series in PR News, Susan Nickbarg, principal of SVN Marketing LLC, a marketing expert who also specializes in corporate social responsibility, takes a close look at what makes for… Continued

PR News All -Stars Issue

October 19th, 2005 by

Saluting the Top PR People and Campaigns of the Year PR People Awards: Lifetime Achievement Carol L. Cone Principal, Cone Inc. For those PR executives grappling with how their companies can best assist the victims… Continued