Archive: January 2000

Platinum PR Awards

January 10th, 2000 by

It’s time to toot your horn PR NEWS-style. If one of your PR campaigns this year knocked the socks off your competition, staved off a major crisis, or boosted your company’s reputation and bottom line,… Continued

Stating Your Case to Earn a Bigger Piece of the Budget Pie

January 10th, 2000 by

With the ink drying on many corporations’ annual budgets, not all PR departments captured the funding they were seeking. But even if they don’t have the bottom-line numbers to prove their worth to CFOs and… Continued

Americans Ambivalent About Green Issues

January 10th, 2000 by

While Americans continue to espouse concern for environmental protection, green causes have lost some of their celebrity status in the midst of the current economic boom. A study by Wirthlin Worldwide indicates that while three-fourths… Continued

Customer Service Woes

January 10th, 2000 by

Customer service practices during the first official e-holiday came up short. Despite the Internet’s velocity, the speed of e-customer service was lacking. According to the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), 42% of customers who… Continued


January 10th, 2000 by

It might be a pocket-sized guide, but it’s big on media contact information. Year 2000 "MDS Pocket Media Guide" serves up a huge helping – more than 200,000 editorial contacts from more than 50,000 print… Continued

On the Radar Screen: Watchdog about to Sweep Sites

January 10th, 2000 by

To crack down on investment misinformation that appears on company Web sites, the International Organization for Securities Commission is planning to sweep financial sites before spring. First, the group plans to survey sites to see… Continued

Internal Relations: Computer Intrusions on the Rise

January 10th, 2000 by

The theft of corporate information via the computer has doubled in three years, reports a study from Kessler & Associates, a New York-based investigative and accounting firm. In 1997 this form of theft claimed $20… Continued

RI PR Gets a New Pair of Eyes

January 10th, 2000 by

Hoping to attract more meeting and convention business, the state of Rhode Island has hired a new spokesperson: Hasbro’s Mr. Potato Head. Dubbed the official "spudsperson" for the state, the Newport County convention and visitors… Continued

Online Healthcare on the Rise

January 10th, 2000 by

The future of online healthcare is quite rosy, according to Forrester Research. Experts there expect the industry to hit $370 billion by 2004 with a majority ($348 billion) coming from B2B transactions. Retail business will… Continued

Healthcare Industry Y2K OK

January 6th, 2000 by

The healthcare industry in the U.S. made a smooth transition in the Year 2000, according to the Pharmaceutical Alliance for Y2K Readiness, a coalition of pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors and other healthcare organizations. Public health… Continued