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Travelocity Converts Eyeballs Into Sales

January 17th, 2000 by

The Case The Sabre Group’s online booking service,, had made a speedy ascent to the top of the e-travel pack a couple years back, and was drawing competition from new ventures such as Preview… Continued

Don’t Use Technology for Tech’s Sake

January 10th, 2000 by

With a mind-boggling variety of high-tech tools available to PR professionals, it’s easy to be swept away in the frenzy, using technology for the sake of technology. But taking advantage of interactive capabilities can be… Continued

Media Insight

January 10th, 2000 by

L Magazine American Lawyer Media 345 Park Ave. South New York, NY 10016 212/779-9200 Law students don’t mind a little "R" and "R" during study break time, which is why American Lawyer Media launched the… Continued


January 10th, 2000 by

New Muscular Feature and Spanish-Language Trends Muscular Development magazine works out the dirt on celebrity fitness routines with a new gossip column. But don’t fret if you’re not representing a celebrity for the four-page column… Continued

PR Budgets on the Rise

January 10th, 2000 by

In 1999, 75% of the 50 corporate members in the Public Affairs Group reported funds increased, while roughly a quarter reported slimmer allocations for the same period. Average communications budgets for Fortune 500 companies panned… Continued

Specifics CEOs Like Hearing About PR Projects

January 10th, 2000 by

How much public opinion has shifted since the promotion’s inception. How many additional sales have resulted since the campaign began. How much revenue has been generated specifically because of the campaign. How employee opinion has… Continued

Internal Relations Helps Airline Fly Higher

January 10th, 2000 by

In 1994, employees at Continental Airlines were embarrassed to admit they worked for the airline that was ranked dead last among the major U.S. carriers and so often the butt of late-night talk show jokes.… Continued

Counteracting Activist Attacks: A Reality Check from Seattle

January 10th, 2000 by

In the wake of the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting late last year, Seattle’s police chief resigned, the mayor is under siege, and there are lots of embarrassing questions, all because they and their city… Continued

Year 2000 PR Forecast

January 10th, 2000 by

PR professionals attending last year’s PR NEWS seminar "Best Practices in PR Measurement" pontificated on the three biggest challenges facing them at work. Answering anonymously, they most commonly listed their three top challenges as: Getting… Continued

Job Tracker

January 10th, 2000 by

Public Relations Managers Quantum is seeking two brilliant & seasoned high-tech Public Relations Managers. Quantum is the world’s leading storage supplier and was named one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work. Manager, Corporate… Continued