20 Things to Love About PR

Leading up to Valentine's Day, we surveyed our audience of PR professionals about what communications execs  love most about working in PR. Respondents were also provided a chance to win a $50 gift card to Massage Envy (after all— the role of a PR executive is considered the fifth most stressful career path). 

We've handpicked 20 of our favorite responses that demonstrate the various perks of the job.   

What do you love most about PR? 

  1. "Helping our clients tell their story at the right time, in the right place and to the right audience in order to make the most impact on their brand."

  2. "I love being able to think strategically. Being part of a small group of PR professionals responsible for protecting and furthering our image and reputation across the world is very rewarding." 

  3. "The best part? Seeing your client flourish through campaigns you put together. I bring people together. It's what I do." 

  4. "Where else can you combine the best of storytelling, advocacy and marketing? I love public relations because it allows me to creatively promote the worthwhile work my organization is doing."

  5. "Not one day is the same, always different projects, different people and new stories. I love living a new life every day." 

  6. "I love the high I feel after pitching a non-newsworthy event to the media amid other newsworthy stories and still getting full media attendance to a press event. No high on earth like it."

  7. "Content content content. We are storytellers and have a great opportunity to share interesting concepts with wide audiences. At The North Face, we enable exploration by talking about Outdoor Exploration, Athletes, Expeditions, events and...product to get out in. What better content is there? Eight years and smiling....I heart PR."

  8. "I literally get to put words in someone else's mouth."

  9. "The ability to mold the narrative, shape the art and influence the direction of storytelling on behalf of clients or organizations in genuine need of elevating their voice and heightening their message amplification across all media."

  10. "I have always enjoyed writing and communicating ever since I was on the speech team in high school. I wanted a profession that would allow me to use my writing skills, but was more dynamic than the write-and-repeat process of a journalist." 

  11. "Becoming the go-to expert on topics I never dreamed I'd be so knowledgable about. I love to learn, and strategically and creatively employ a wide range of channels to reach various audiences who will come to understand and become engaged with the organization(s) I represent."

  12. "As a PR educator, I love engaging my students in popular culture and challenging them to think persuasively and authentically about branding, reputation and how to communicate in a crisis. I love the instant gratification (okay, it might take a semester) of  watching them become proficient writers and communicators: two essential skills for PR professionals."

  13. "I love the writing aspect, I personally have a creative way with words. I love connecting with people, promotions, media lists and video production. It's a demanding job, but it involves so much knowledge that you gain along the way. Endless possibilities with great people."

  14. "Positive feedback from complete strangers [via] social media."

  15. "The reward. The smile on the person's face after you just effectively handled what would have been a PR mess. Being involved with the community and tying not only your company but other companies to public." 

  16. "I love PR because, like great music, without a great plan of exposure, the great music dies with the musician. In today's social world, everyone loves to share. This has transformed the PR industry, and made the game a whole lot more difficult. I love thinking of creative ways to break through the noise and generate press for my clients. There is nothing more exciting than reading/viewing that placement you made."

  17. "It's the only profession that gives you an opportunity to work across so many industries and brands. Who else other than a PR professional gets to do this?" 

  18. "It's a great fit for my ADD."

  19. "What I love most is being able to sharing the difference between Noah and the Flood. Noah's the story. The Flood is the event."

  20. "Executed well, we're invisible. Executed poorly, we're front-and-center." 

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